What goes around …


Sushi by ecowa via Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

You’ve heard it before. It’s usually about karma. Today it’s about sushi – I think.

Maybe it’s about hearing me when I’m talking and confirmation of that.

It goes like this:

It’s kind of an easy day in DigiComm (that’s digital communications class, if you don’t know). Students have been learning to use Canva.com to create images to go with their blog posts. Some have played around with it, made some cute stuff, but here, mid-April, with EOIs (that’s end of instruction tests, if you don’t know) going on mornings and afternoons, we never know who’s going to be in class and who isn’t. Who’s going to be stressing about a test and who has it all behind them. So I planned easy for these testing weeks.

BUT, I still want them to get that the idea that blogging is for an audience, not just to answer a prompt to appease a teacher. Therefore, one of my constant refrains is, “you can blog about it!”

Young lady broke her phone the other day – really busted it up. I said, “You know, you could write a blog post about that.”

Student came in from another class yesterday, where he says they weren’t doing anything (remember that stuff about EOIs and never knowing how many you’ll have in a class?), so could he stay in mine and use a computer? Sure, if you’ll write a blog post first. You see, I had him first semester. He knows the score.

Anything that happens in your life can be a slice-of-life type of blog post, if you write it in an interesting way. Write for your audience and all.

Enter a certain tray of spicy crab meat rolls.

I was debating with one student about the merits – or lack of merits – of sushi. She corrected me on several of my misunderstandings about this type of food and vowed to take me to eat sushi one day, a sort of experimental, research-oriented passion project for me.

I stepped out of the room for a few minutes to make some copies, and when I returned, a tray of these little beauties had materialized (I have no idea where they came from and, no, I have not asked). They all wanted me to try one.

“You could write a blog post about it,” they young lady with a broken phone suggested.

What goes around, comes around. I ate the crab roll. It was good.

Now I’m writing a blog post about it.

About teachjournalism
I am a high school teacher of journalism, technology and reading. I advise the school's newspaper and yearbook, both student-led publications. Documenting and sharing my experiences is a way of reflecting to improve my own work and and inviting commentary so that we might all benefit. I believe, as I tell my students each year, that we all learn from each other.

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