Wedding Day

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Once you’re a mother, life seems a series of celebrating milestones and hoping – hoping your children excel in their new skills, manage their new level in schooling or life, hoping there are no setbacks. They take those first steps and we are proud. However, we hope they don’t get hurt too badly when they fall. They graduate from kindergarten and we hope they excel in reading and writing that come with first grade; we hope they make friends with their classmates. They move on to middle school, to high school and conquer countless milestones in between, and we take pride in those and always hope for more success as they move forward.

Three weeks ago I watched my middle son conquer yet another goal when he graduated from college, and yet, last night was probably the biggest, most important highlight of his life: he married the person God put on Earth for him.

Just as when the tiny toddler takes that first step without holding onto anything, we’re never absolutely sure about how things are going to go – what would be the fun in that? But as I watched my son lose control of his facial expression when he saw his bride coming down the aisle, and when I heard the two of them speak the words they had written to one another, I was amazed, I was proud, I was happy and I have hope that they will weather the storms that life will surely throw them.  They are strong, those two.

The time leading up to the wedding consisted of what I figure is the usual. Wedding planning is no small feat, and any number of things can go wrong, have to be reconsidered or changed at any moment in the proceedings. When show time arrived, however, the details didn’t matter. A few things made for some comic relief. So the groomsmen, at the groom’s leading, ended up on the wrong side of the aisle (being on the “other” side, I got to see his face). So we had a barefoot ring bearer who couldn’t decide where he wanted to be. In the end, the kids were married and damned happy about it. They skipped back up the aisle to a wedding tune they had performed in their high school days as members of the show choir. Oh, how I’d loved that performance, and it brought back more happy memories.

The ceremony was held, rather than our hometown, on their college campus, and it was beautiful.  After some more photos, we walked – or limped – a short distance to where the reception was held, and it was party time. I was pleased to see so many of our friends and family, to be able to share the joy. I also got to share a special moment, a dance, with my son. All evening long, I just felt blessed as I watched the two of them, and shared time with my two other sons and my husband. Besides the joy of being with family and watching my kids get married, I got the added bonus of visiting with former students who had graduated with them. After a while it was like prom, but with wedding cake. So much fun to watch them all have fun.

By this morning, the kids – who are no longer kids, I suppose – are on a plane headed to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When they return in a few days, they’ll begin working on that next milestone – graduate school – in South Texas. They’ll be moving farther away from family, from me, but I’m proud of them, and I hope for the best, but know they can handle what is thrown to them.


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Closing Time, by Semisonic

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